Scribbled on 2/09/2004 07:11:00 PM


I have to hope, you see
I just have to
It's all I have left
Too many trips down too many roads have led to blindness.

I've search for me everywhere
I'm not good
I'm not pretty
I'm not witty or smart
No one will accept me for what I am
But one beyond....Someone far away will span His arms and take me in...
So I hope.

What else am I supposed to do - cry?
Who'll really care?
Certainly lots of people will ask why I'm sad
But it won't make me smile - not for long anyway

Poor pathetic thing!
Poor ugly duckling!
But you see - someone does care!
Maybe no one I can see - maybe no one you can see, either
But he cares,
And he knows the dark pit I need to fall into to find myself
He knows what I'm searching for

So I'll hang onto that thread
At least He won't drag it away like the others have

So I hope.

p/s: I'm feeling very alone now =(

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