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Tree Smart - Be Inspired

I am in dire need of inspiration. Ton's of ideas, no execution. It's killing me. To make things short, the latest project is to draw - for a postcard exchange. Been ages since I've picked up a pencil. I miss those yellow pencils (can't really find them in Malaysia, wish I had bought a box from the US) but we get 2B pencils here. Remember those pencils we used to answer objective questions. Yeah, I miss those.

Found something interesting that spiked up some life to my inspiration on the net yesterday. Thought I'd like to share it with you. Pick up that pencil and start sketching. Here's a cool environmental pencil by Tree Smart. It's made out of old newspapers. How cool is that! Want to grab one soon...Here's the process of making these pencils. Check it out!

Important!! - Recycling a 2 1/2 foot stack of newspapers saves one 20 foot pine tree.

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HOPE, originally uploaded by Greenpin Chang.

It keeps you going...

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The water looks so inviting

Feel like jumping into the pool!

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Kitchen Tips & Cute Food Ideas

Hello World!

Don't ask...let's just say that the past few months life has been hectic and this space has become so dusty, I need a feather duster. Hachoo! Me and dust just don't click.

So many things to share yet limited time combined with a bit of laziness has caused all this. I am writing up my travelogue paired with the awesome lomo pics just for you. Patience is virtue.

As an appetizer, let me just share a few kitchen tips that I found handy from the net.

Kitchen Tip 1: Bubur jagung made easy after this. Cool idea.

Kitchen Tip 2: Keeping your veggies fresh. I'm not sure about it but do share if this really works.

Cute Food Idea 1: Cut oranges in half, scoop out the fruit and pour jelly mixture into the hollowed halves to set. Once set, slice them up. I love this idea!

Cute Food Idea 2: Rainbow cake in a jar! Check out the source on how to make it.

Ok not that much eh? Let's just start slowly for now. Happy trying!

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Food Escapade

OK. Usually, I don't promote stuff here but this is my first cause I think it's worth it!

Let's all go dine at the Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur! They are offering a buffet at only RM39.90. Starts 20th May 2011 till 20 August 2011!! Buy it now cause you can use it for Ramadhan!!

Where to buy the coupon? ---> here

P/S: The hotel is just next to Pavillion. Oh and practically the whole office bought more than a coupon each.