Scribbled on 2/23/2004 10:05:00 AM

xgames just went away in a flash...and i didnt get to go! waa...sorry boyz! soo my extreme clan..ill see yall next time if you drop by for a demo or so...lama gile tak pegang deck...sedeh...

hi...erm actually i have many groups of friends..the extreme clan is one of them...some skate some ride(bmx)..amy aku tak puas ati ngan ko...geram...but ur so nice to wait for me...amy is a bmx rider from kk--> kuala kangsar la. he's a friend of shamsul whom is my junior yg famous tp tak penah nengok muke die..din! kowang nye peformance hari tu amacam? pasni tunjuk gamba je la kat aku...erm these people call me by a different name...ahaha...dont want to tell..kikiki...amy tu pon lagi sowang mamat yg kamceng ngan aku tapi tak penah jumpe...kalo nak jumpe tu asek2 ada je la somethin people..dont forget to holla when ur in kl okey! skate n die!

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