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The boring stuff first...

Name: aDiBaH
Born: 25/04/83
Sign: Taurus
Lives: UNITEN, Teluk Intan Perak, Kota Kinabalu Sabah, Alor Gajah Melaka...MALAYSIA
Status: Semi-Attached
Occupation: Student and Dreamer
Pets: Rex a domestic cat
Bands: Good Charlotte, Greenday, Simple Plan, Incubus, the White Stripes, Jay Chou
Inspiration: Dad, environment, you..
Proudest Moment: Being accused of "drug-fueled tantrums." Touché baby...
Described In Words: Wacky, innocent, crazy, 2face, observant, vulnerable
Seminal Quote: "...but my faith in love is still devout."
— Morrissey, Rusholme Ruffians
"Damn i gotta get rich"-->Abu Haimi

Getting annoyingly personal...

I See: My chair, bed, tons n tons of books on my desk, oh and of course da computer..duh..!
I Need: A vacation
I Find: That rain and how the grass smells after being cut is the best perfume ever...
I Want: you
I Have: Nothin on my lap
I Wish: I had a real apartment
I Love: Bracelets..
I Hate: Those who betray
I Miss: Him
I Fear: Not fulfilling my potential
I Feel: Alive!
I Hear: My roomate munchin on somethin
I Smell: Tauhu sumbat..
I Crave: A hug
I Search: For answers to my questions..
I Wonder: About destiny and achievment
I Regret: Not finishing all those stories I started...NOT!

When was the last time you ...

Smiled?: A few seconds ago...cause i'm in front of da computer
Laughed?: Just now...experimenting somethin...
Cried?: Can't remember..
Bought something?: Don't remember but i bout a white blouse...
Danced?: da car just now..
Were sarcastic?: I'm pretty much always sarcastic...
Watched your favorite movie?: Last weekend
Had a nightmare?: Thankfully I can't remember

A last time for everything...

Last book you read: Mystic Dreamers by Rosanne Bittner
Last movie you saw: School of Rock...last saturday...
Last song you heard: "I Promise" - Stacie Orrico
Last thing you had to drink: Vanilla Coke
Last time you showered: 5 minutes ago
Last thing you ate: Kueh dorayaki...dats wat i call it

Do you...

Smoke?: No...but i try wen i have da chance...ehehehe...just kidding...
Do drugs?: Of course....obat tuh...
Sleep with stuffed animals?: Yah
Live in the moment?: I live in my head
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: Nope...too tired to remember any dreams
Play an instrument?: guitar (badly..forgot how actually)
Believe there is life on other planets?: Yes
Read the newspaper?: NST...baru tadi
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: ahahahaha....of course!
Have any straight friends?: Hope they're straight!
Believe in miracles?: yup
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: Yes..hmmm..maybe
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: I try to be
Consider love a mistake?: Never
Believe in astrology?: Sometimes
Believe in magic?: Not in the traditional sense
Believe in God?: Yes
Pray?: Yes
Have any secrets?: Yes
Do well in school?: Hey, I said I believed in miracles...
Talk to strangers who Instant Message you?: Usually
Wear hats?: caps?...ocasionally...
Have any piercings?: Have some...plannin to get more..
Have any tattoos?: No, but maybe someday
Hate yourself?: Not anymore
Have an obsession?: You
Collect anything?: Collect plastic bags
Have a best friend?: Myself
Wish on stars?: I could try, maybe it'll work
Like your handwriting?: Yeah, its cool...
Have any bad habits?: Too many to tell
Care about looks?: Sometimes
Believe in witches?: Not really
Believe in ghosts?: yup
Believe in Satan?: Yes, and he lives in the White House

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