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Elop people....i was browsin da web and i came across dis...which belongs to one of my juniors or seniors(i dont know)...kinda funny and interesting...

Faqroul's List Of Criterions For Future Dates

1. She must always take care of her appearance. Tudung or no tudung doesn't matter to me, it's the overall package that's important. A whiff of nice fragrance won't hurt neither. Look good + smell good = feel good.
2. Unpatriotically, I would really rather have my future date to be able to speak english well. Even if we converse in BM, at least I know she can speak good english. No need for Cockney accents (although that would be very nice) or stuff, just layoff the local flavour and that would be fine.
3. She should be intelligent enough to carry a decent conversation with me and also have a good sense of humour so that she can take a lighter look at life. Blondes need not apply.
4. Touchy feely? Err, sure but there's a time and place. Snogging in public is not my cuppa, but in private is a different story altogether (alert JAIS!) *LOL*
4. Can accept my friends no matter what size and shape they come in, for I would be nothing without them.
5. She MUST be a virgin. Although there's no way of telling besides checking out for myself (which would then null the condition), I believe she should come clean if she is no longer one. Second hand stuffs are not for me, no thanks.
6. Non-smoker, non-drinker, non-junkie. I am none of that, why should she be one?
7. Looks, hurm...Beauty is subjective, but I think beauty to me is as long she looks good to my eyes, then she's the prettiest. *awww*
8. I know this is a cliche, but she should be able to understand me. When I love one girl, I only have love for her so she need not be worried if I hangout with other girls. *double awww*
9. If things are going to be serious, I'm gonna need priority. Putting me at number seven on her important list won't do because she would be near the top of mine.
10. Do be punctual for dates or whatever. I can understand lateness due to outside factors but if she's just being tardy, then forget it. There is no such thing as fashionably late, at least not to me. Late is late.

Good info eh?...maybe i should write some too...gettin some ideas already...

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