Scribbled on 3/27/2004 09:55:00 AM

in the morning when i wake up and i open up my eyes,
i feel an ache in my heart.
that's when i realize how much i really miss you and long to have you near.
my heart is filled with sadness and my eyes are filled with tears.
at different times throughout the day i find that i'm missing you.
and i wonder if, perhaps a bit, maybe you miss me too.
i miss you in my sleep, when i'm in there all alone.
when i want to hear your voice, and call you on the phone, ego confronts me.
i check my messages only to find nothing there.
then, i put you in my prayers for you safe-and-sound-being.
i really miss you mountain!

missing you is like a black hole that gets bigger and bigger as each day
passed without you.
it brings such pain and sorrow.
my nights are lonely and my days so long.
everything makes me think of you, especially the slow songs.
it hurts so much being so far away from you.
i strive for you each and every day.
life, it seems, were never complete when you're missing.
my liking for you runs so deep like a river.
my lliking for you is endless, with no beginning and ending.
some nights i can't even sleep.
i sit up and think about you, wondering what you're doing
hoping that you're thinking of me too .
seems like i'll never stop missing you.

NiCe Ek?!...bUt JiWaNg LaAaAa....

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