Scribbled on 4/09/2004 01:05:00 PM

first of all dont make assumptions dat are soo overated and not logic at all...more like irrational...just because dat babe is like sooo damn hot and mouth watering to look at...she doesnt have to be da gurl...ur kinda gurl as in with da purrfect personality and stuff...dont underestimate people...dey seem interesting at some point and once u know dem dey can be kanak2 offense people...maybe u should stick to sophisticated women or someone who has dis one of a kind look..of course looks play a big role...look good + smell good = feel good...dats da formula...looks like crushes shouldnt be exposed for further studyin huh....dont want it to turn out da other way around...character plays it all baby! maybe a smile will do...get da picture!
somethin to think bout hidzad...congrads on da blog dat definitely looks like u.

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