Scribbled on 5/04/2004 10:04:00 PM

erm i'm at a cc in serdang...actually i'm surfin da net for some info amirah wants for school..see how good i am..amirah u owe me big time! before i came ere, i stopped by at affni's house..came to da rescue. more accurately i helped her with da maggots on her kitchen table. looks like ina forgot to take out da trash before she went back for da weekend. at first i thought she was gonna cry when she called me for help. nasib la da maggots were small...not da langau gigantic type of maggots...ahahaha...busuk as hell! u owe me one too affni...ehehehe...well looks like my meronggeng time is over...time to get serious on my studies...wish me luck...

p/s: i like da song you're still you by josh groban...nice one...gonna miss ya amirah..

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