Scribbled on 5/12/2004 10:36:00 AM

Oh my God..its been a while since I've been active in this blog. Did you know that I wrote this entry on my computer in my room and saved it on my thumb drive to be released here. Ehehe. Today, erm well yesterday I went to Nilai with my homies. We went to get Ayu's fridge. We had lunch and hanged out a bit. She has the cutest kittens ever. I could've stayed there forever! damn cute...gerrrrram! Me and Ayu went swimming at UNITEN's swimming pool at 5pm. The pool was so deep! I was a bit scared at first but I told myself to not be a scaredy cat and so I swam in the deep waters as you can call it.

Then at night I had my principle of management class. It finished at 10 and then I went out with Wazir and Man. Wah...Man's car is soooo cool...kikiki...This is where the story begins. We talked bout lots of stuff. We were being open to each other. But I sorta can conclude that most guys looks at girl's boobs first before they practically see everything else. What do girls want? What do guys want? Why is it guys nowadays are such cowards. Be aggresive. Muahaha...Then suddenly we talked about this guy who liked me before. The first guy I ever knew because of his goodness. Then only I knew he was rich! Woh...A great guy. We went out a few times and he did talk to Wazir bout me. Hmm..he asked some other people I knew too. Argh...I waited you know...well, maybe we weren't ment to be with each other huh. I have thought about it, I mean what would happen if I were to be with him. The thought maybe will always be a thought. Hmm what would happen eh? I can't imagine. Do I miss him? I don't know. Does that mean maybe? Gosh I seriously don't know. Maybe we weren't meant to be. I hear he has a girlfriend now I guess. Hope he'll always be happy. Erm to those people out there, tell him/her your feelings. You never know, he/she feels the same way. Bam! You lost your chance...don't let it go away....just like that...

I just need a, I just need a man
Strong and understands
All my life's demands, all my loving
I just need a, not jealous of me
Loves me for just me
Tellin' you the real is that I need a..
I just need a..

p/s: I think I'm on a pychedelic trip ere...gettin some crazy ideas...

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