Scribbled on 5/25/2004 12:00:00 AM

what a nite! i feel like trashing around everything. i feel like killing something. i feel like strangling something or maybe myself. argh! i went to see my dad at marriot ioi resort putrajaya. brought him kuew tiow kerang, our favourite and he taught me how to do my pom assignment. when i wanted to go back, i couldnt find my parking tiket. damn! we searched high and low. i went to check the carpark and the hotel room a few times. and finally my dad had to pay 30 bucks for the denda. the suprising part was that he was in a good mood. he didnt scold me, or talk and yada till my ears chopped off. he was being very nice and that, that killed me. it felt like being stabbed all over your body and then your heart being sliced out. urgh..i donno but my dads opinion matters a lot to me. i was following him around and was at the verge of tears already but i kept strong. when i got home, he even called up again to check if i found da tiket. i just hope i dont ever find it...if i do...i swear i'll burn down that parking lot...aaah! so make things worse, he even gave i'm gonna cry...boohoo...i'd rather be scolded and wateva la as long as my dad doesnt be so not complaining...haiya donno la. really feel like crawling into a ball and cry...if u see me with puffy eyes tomorrow you know why, just dont ask! feel so guilty..argh!

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