Scribbled on 11/01/2004 08:44:00 PM

Erm I'm gonna have my Applied Statistics exam tomorrow. Am so freaking scared now. I don't like chapter 4 - probabilities...urgh. I want this week to hurry up and end. Can't wait to go back and start making kueh raye..ehehe...yeah! Want to make those special chocolate chip cookies, kueh tat (we'll send you some Atiah dahling), erm the rest, well depends on my bottomless pitt sister Amirah. Anyone got any ideas? Looks like I'll be buying most of the ingredients here. Huhu.. Since my exams finish on Friday, I've sorta packed some of my things. Thought of leaving them at Murni. I'm now wearin a kain batik (what da? Adibah are you sure you're okey?) ehehe...baju sume dah pack la..psst..I don't really like to wear kain batik ok. I don't even know how to wear it..malunye..kikiki...Guess what, I think I like the color orange now. Hey the purple is still there but I can make room for some orange. Not that it goes together or what. Bright colors are good for the brain..ehehe..

I found a few phrases that some of my friends use when they talk to me. Check them out.
  • What's this cracking shit coming out of your head..?
  • Your a speed junkie (I love this). You just love to test and pump your adrenaline eh?
  • Who are you calling pumpkin?!

Well gotta go now...cau cincau...(tambah soya menurut kate abg syuk)...

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