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Wisdom begins in wonder. -Socrates-

Ahahaha...Cempaka Rimba has the best kuew tiow kungfu...yum yum... Atiah, I had some too! ehehe...

Yesterday was kinda awesome. It was so unpredictable and hey I didn't see it coming. Me, Ayu and Ryna went to Cheras yesterday (something related to our industrial training this April). First of all, I wasn't supposed to go because the person didn't call me. Secondly, we thought it was a briefing by MDC. It actually turned out to be an interview! The company is called They basically do ERP softwares for companies like Siemens and HP. So I went in, totally unprepared, we had this question and answer session with everyone around. I answered a question and asked a question. Then there was this test! Alamak! ASP, VB, SQL and also Multimedia. I had to do a web page using photoshop in front of the operations manager and CEO himself, and I was also the second person he hired. I liked the style of the company, how it works and the CEO. Was actually proud of myself too, well they picked you because of your ability not just because of some lousy resume that you pick based on thickness and beauty (this is actually a reaction towards the PNB rejection letter I got..huh...serves you right!). Besides all that, I have a 2 week training with MDC then another one week of training with Datamonsters before I can actually start work.

There was a part I didn't like about what happened yesterday.After the test, they shouldn't have told who got the job straight away. They should've emailed us or call or something. This is because maybe those who didn't get the job will feel a bit how do you say, demotivated. I think for those who didn't make it, take it as something new, an unforgetable experience and strive harder the next time. This is just for industrial training. Imagine how it would be like when we want to search for real jobs. I think what Dr. Salbiah would say is..."This is the real world...its what we have to put up with wether we like it or not". Life is tough. Competition is tough. So I guess we have to work the shit out of ourselves in the future.

I feel so old, kinda sad cause I'll soon finish my studies, happy to get a placement for my 3 months internship, tension cause I know there will be more work (like know not so much la?? haiya). I'm choked with words. 2 more semesters to go...then masters...then damn scared.

Ok everybody...take care...remember... 'dreams create reality'.
Live your dream baby! Peace out

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