Scribbled on 5/04/2005 09:31:00 AM

Am I feeling resentful? What is it that all of you want from me? To see me break down and shatter? To test how much strength and faith I have treasured deep inside me? My emotions have been running wild lately. Had a lot of thinking. About life, about principles and about family. Most important is to be true to yourslef without causing hurt to others. Grasping that amount of knowledge may take a lifetime to get but I know I am still learning. What am I talking about? Its ok if you don't know. I just need to get a bit of it out of my system. “Should we not be monstrously ingratefull if we did not deeply resent such kindness?” Well, put on a happy face Adibah. You'll get over this rough moment. There's a price for getting caught in the middle too. Aja!

Hey people. I don't know what up in my head right now. I need a Rasberry Ice Blended from SanFran. Maybe will hook up with Abu this weekend. Someone banged my car yesterday. Very mad. Hmm...just wanna say thank you to those who have listened to me. Sorry to burden you with all the babbling of probs.

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