Scribbled on 5/12/2005 09:19:00 AM

What a CinCau Day to Start With

Morning everyone....

How's it been. I tell you, these few weeks have been kinda miserable for me. At work if you know what I mean. This morning drove to work listening to hitz again and they were talking about ice hockey. Instantly it brought me back to those good old days. Although I've lived the U.S. I've never been to an ice hockey game before. Usually I'd watch it on tv. But american football was more popular at that time, not forgetting baseball. I remember those days where I'd wake up early just to watch a game. The Colorado Buffaloes, the Penguins....they were the best. My fav would be a goalie - Dominic Hashek. Always have loved that name. I even introduced the sport to Haziq...hahaha...we would sit and watch it together...wah I didn't know that I missed him that much. We would sit together and watch a lot things. Oh and that day Amirah kinda got pissed off cause we watched Simple Plan in Singapore and didnt' call her. She was in the bathroom for gods sake! Sowy. next time ok. Actually I don't know the whole point of me writing all this. I'm just writing whats on my mind. Can't stand talking to myself anymore.

I still have 7 weeks to go for my industrial training. I guess I'm stuck here for a while. It sucks sometimes and at others its kinda cool. Went back home at 11pm last 2 nights ago. Had to finish some codes. Urgh. I think a guy wouldn't mind right, but for girls nah...I'd rather stay at home and count the money or gold. Muahaha... Today I'm doing templates for the company name card. That I love, coding....NO.

I found some cool sites with Malay english speaking people. I'm kinda impressed cause its kinda hard to find any. Their writing is good too. Well, I guess I'd better write instead of talking. All I say keep hurting people anyway. Have to shut my mouth. Listen better. Affiliate with my surrounding. There's more to learn. Anyways, as my friend Encik cFu said in his blog...."Hiasilah hidup dengan sesuatu yg indah dan menyeronokkan. Dunia ni luas, jangan la hanya memandang pada satu sudut sahaja. Bercampur la dengan setiap golongan manusia, kerana ilmu ada di mana mana..." The meaning is deep enough for everyone to understand. Would like to apologize to anyone if I have ever hurt them, made them feel bad. It was not my intention to trigger those feelings. My deepest apologies to everyone.

Well, that wraps up for now. Got to get back to work. Will be heading of to Melaka this weekend. I am in terrible miss of my Dad who is in Argentina and Chille at the mo. He'll be in Chicago to see Atiah too. Miss Atiah too. Miss everyone la. So take care people. Remember that a man is not a man if he does no good.....ciau...

To Cincau SiFoo....we go watch Jay Chou at the movies ok...Bring Cincau Taiko too...and the rest of the Cincau Clan...Adios..

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