Scribbled on 6/29/2005 06:47:00 PM

im still at the office...its been hell of a week. im cool, relax. last weekend was the best...went to sungai gabai again with lili, azi, idya and their officemates. twas great. had fun playing volleyball in the water. also went to visit a friend at the admin afterwards. was damn tired but went to check out the freshies and facilitators at was registration day for the new uniten intake. oh, my car broke down again. had been refilling the power stering oil alot. sunday...took out the car to putrajaya. by hook or by crook i had to be there. wanted to meet my ever dearest friend Lee...! love u tons gurl...! it was great seeing you after 5 years we finished school. huhu...anggun and bergaya gitu. saw a few seniors at the mdc recruitment fair. lee said she came across nik marien. hmm...wonder how she is...the pictures taken at putrajaya are uploaded in my fotopages already...go check them out...

this whole week ive been stuffed with work work and more work. today ive finished one project and i have one more to go. hahaha. im finally finishing my internship...huhu...maybe will be doing freelancing for them next semester. thatll be great.

cant really write that much...ayah is picking me up today...thank god...dont want to take a cab again...cau cincau tambah soya....muahz!

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