Scribbled on 7/20/2005 08:03:00 AM

Feeling So Shitty!

wahahaha...its been hell of a week. so damn bz. i feel so unorganized. i have to make a certain schedule to follow. i feel so rimas.

i went to sunway to see ayah on monday. they had the malaysian international cocoa fair. it started since last thursday. actually, ayah called me up on sunday at 12 midnight and asked if i could go to a dinner on monday night. he sounded like he really wanted me to go, so i did go. anything for ayah. so i rushed from my golf class which shitly finished at 7pm. terkedek-kedek la bawak all my stuff to ayah's hotel. the sunway towers hotel. the suite was damn nice. felt like it was an apartment. even had a kitchen and the biggest bathroom ever. had nothing nice to wear. just this kebaya, everything else is still at mlaka. i also used the new bag atiah bought me. its not a sling bag, its da kinda gurls like to hook on their sholders...the ones that i dont wear. hahaha...felt kinda geli at first...huhuhu...affni kat tak dpt tgk aku pakai beg tu...kalo tak menjerit ko...

spent tuesday with ayah too. got to go to a conference. it was way cool. interacting with bigshots is just my 'thang'. ayah also bought a new mizuno golf set...zephyr. cun abis. he said i could get some shoes but the adidas ladies shoes were out of stock...been wanting this one design. bile lagi nak pau ayah.

thursday, as usual. its kinda hard doing part time also la. penat gaks. don't get that much. hmmm...

how do i take this feeling away. so damn berserabot. so down. im soo homesick. want to go back so badly. waaaa.

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