Scribbled on 11/20/2007 07:27:00 PM

Here's what I wrote a few days ago but didn't have the chance to publish it...

Venue@ Starbucks Alamanda

Activity - Crunching of brain cells to potray an image of good will through writings

+ve = The official meet and greet with Ministry of Education's top management

-ve = 7.30pm and still working happily

I believe that in everything we do, small or big - we must have our senses right, doing the job with sincerity and holding that ton mertic of responsibility on your shoulders with dignity and pride. I cherish these moments for we never know what is going to happen the next second. There is much to be done, to improve myself and to learn.


That was as far as I got. It's been a busy week, even busier coming tomorrow and Saturday. Peeps, please pray for my success. Don't forget to watch news at all channels on Saturday! We will be launching Think.Com at Kluang, Johor and our beloved Dato' Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein will be there. Wish me luck! Will tell you more about it soon...

p/s: Isn't he super cute?? (please refer below)

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