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Beauty is skin deep...

Premature aging??

Have you given up and resigned yourself to the idea that there is nothing you can do to stop your pimples? Have you minimized your social life because of the dreaded thought that people might stare and find your acne disgusting? Studies show that up to 80 percent of those who seek treatment for their acne problem can actually be helped. Just take time to go to your doctor and inform him what you have been doing to fight against your pimple problem.

If you have an acne prone skin, pamper it. Be gentle with your skin and avoid vigorous scrubbing. Vigorous scrubbing can actually irritate your skin and may worsen blocked pores. The oil trapped beneath the surface of the skin causes pimple break-outs and no vigorous scrubbing can get rid of it. Instead, try gentle washing with a skin cleanser. Do it once or twice a day. Regular shampooing is also advisable since pimples often appear on the forehead. If you have oily hair, wash it daily and keep it off you face as much as possible. Avoid using hair products with oil like pomades and gels.

Don't pop or squeeze your pimples. We always have the tendency to pop or squeeze our pimple whenever it appears on our face. Avoid this bad habit and keep your hands away from your face as much as possible. Your hands usually carry germs that will further irritate your skin and popping your pimple will just cause irritation and probably skin infection.

Learn to read and understand labels. Use only cosmetics that are non-comedogenic which means they won't block pores.

Protect your skin from sunlight and avoid tanning booths. Tanning only masks your acne and it doesn't clear it. Wear sunscreens and avoid getting sunburn. Best is to have SPF15 in you moisturizer.

Healthy skin relies on nutrition, protection from harmful rays and an appropriate cleansing regimen. Good skin care slows down the aging process and helps avoid unnecessary skin problems. In addition to its cosmetic value, your skin protects and conceals your musculoskeletal system, organs, keep you warm and provides nourishment. It is your body's largest organ and deserves special care. Keep your skin healthy with these tips that I got when I attended the beauty class to get my cert.

Protection and Care

Clean your face with a cleanser. Do double cleansing - yup 2 face washes. Especially if you had a day outside with all the dust and debris of air pollution. I use a Vitamin C face wash(best face wash of 2004) and a normal to dry cleansing gel that contains papaya enzymes. It smells sooo good!

Be gentle when you wash your face. Exfoliate regularly. Exfoliate means scrub. Do this once or twice a week. Make sure to get the best scrub that has small beadings that are circular so that you do not damage or injure your face.

Tone. A toner's main purpose is to make our pores smaller since it just enlarged when we washed our face just now. My toner is a pH toner which means it brings our skin back to the normal pH. It also makes my pores smaller and readies my face for treatment, facial or the moisturizer.

Protect your skin from the sun. Wear sunscreen and avoid exposure during its most intense hours. Have a moisturizer that contains SPF15. At night, where a night cream that helps your skin to rejuvenate - build new cells. This is the best time to tackle scars too.

Once or twice a week do facials. I don't mean you have to go to salons and all that. I use claypack, glacial marine mask - obtained from a remote glacial estuary in the Pacific Northwest, absorbs impurities from skin (dirt, dead cells, excess oil) without robbing precious moisture, hydrating mask - keeps my face moisturized after a hot day outside and others. I rotate one for each week. Don't tell me you thought otherwise? Ehehehe...

Get a spa. There are many machines that we can have at home now. Price is reasonable and it's easy to use. I usually lay down and do my own spa. Relaxing and I usually sleep afterwards. Ehehe...

Just remember...our skin rejuvenates at night. The most active time would be from 10pm to 2am. So that's the best time to wash your face or do facials. There's no harm in doing it earlier too...


In order to have beautiful skin we need to have a healthy body. So nutrition is really important.

Drink at least eight 8 oz. glasses of pure water each day. Water hydrates, flushes toxins, relieves puffiness and increases radiance.

Eat sufficient protein so that the skin can repair itself. Protein deficiency brings on sagging and premature aging.

Include fish in your diet. Essential fatty acids keep skin soft and supple. Take fish oil - not scott's emulsion ok!

Limit simple carbohydrates. Refined sugar and flour cause premature aging.

Load up on brightly colored vegetables. Vitamins A and C enhance skin strength and metabolism, reduce inflammation and protect DNA. We are to eat 5-9 servings of fruits/veggy everyday. Each serving is our fist size. Have you had yours today?

Suppliment!! I take Tegreen, ReishiMax, CordyMax and the most lovable of all - Lifepak!


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