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~Crafty Mind You Have~

Ola! Yes, yes my bad that I haven't the urge to write entries for my blog. Lately I've only had the urges to go the bathroom ( I hate this sick feeling). I endure tons of stress at work till the point that I think I need to take Chortisol now, I went for a great/superb/awesome vacay with dear friend Yaqeen in Bandung and yet I return to find myself dizzy and diagnosed with hypo tension. Sheesh...maybe I need to take a more relaxing vacation.

With all the stress piled up last week, I even took the wrong train home. I got off the train, sat down on the steel bench and just stared into space for a good 30 minutes before I started to make some calls. Like I said to some close friends - I think I'd like to just be a homemaker, relaxing at home or even get a work-at-home job. Nah! Consulting is way too precious for me to let go and to think of the career expansion - wow I'd be missing a lot.

Anyways, this entry isn't about me yapping about Consulting but I'd like to put this blog to a good use once and for all. I'd like to share some of my favourite things with you. And if you do know me long enough, I'm a crafter - I love crafting! Sometimes I get so jealous of all the craft blogs I read for they have the time to make so nice things. I haven't had the time to even finish making Afriza her dear crystal bracelet. Oops boss - will get right to it immediately!

Let's check them out!

1. Book Page Wreath - I love this wreath, please click on the link for the DIY tutorial. It's super cool and I can't wait to make it! However I don't think I'll be using novels/books as the source of paper (I'm a book person), but I think pretty colored paper will do just fine...

2. Zoe Bradley!! I am so having these flowers for my wedding (when the time comes)!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

3. Pom Pom Flowers - This is an all time favourite. I used to make them back during my high school days. Now I know how to put them to good use. If you put them all together you can also make a pretty wreath as instructed here.

4. I absolutely adore Yulia Brodskaya! There's a name for her papergraphics and I really can't recall it at the moment. Will surely let you know when I do. Her work reminds me of my art class when I was 15. Best time of my life!

5. My handmade items - with help from Scrap-n-Crop. I didn't take the picture of the finished product but I framed (IKEA) the flower and put a picture on top of the heart. The person I gave the flower has it hanged on their wall. Feels nice to make something and give it to people who appreciate.

6. Bracelets!! They are my ultimate favourite type of accessories! I try to make as much as possible. Even having the dream to start a small business but hey - I am so busy these days I'm not sure when that is going to happen but it will InsyAllah... Check out my work (all are pure Swarovski crystal) :

Hmm...there's a lot more to share but let's stop for now. Will update soon with more inspiration for all!

P/S: Welcome to the world baby Kai Wayne Rooney!!

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