Scribbled on 1/21/2011 04:46:00 PM

Feel or No Feel?

[MV] (19 - Nineteen OST) Fifth Finger - IU

The song is so sweet and soothing to the ears. Me in yellow today. Imagining myself lounging by the beach looking up at the beautiful sky. Popping my head up and who do I see? The glamorous sun. Shhh... Lately while driving to work the sun will be always in my face and let me tell you a secret, I'm shy of the sun. Yup, there was one day the sun was looking at me like a guy looking at a girl he loves. Damn, I think I blushed. Hahaha...ok enough of me and the sun. Just want to spread the wonderful feeling. About the sun and me, don't worry - we've sorted out something *wink*wink*.

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