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Another Year Has Gone By...

It's 2011! OMFG! It means this year I will be one year older yet still be 16 years old. Oh, stop being jealous =)

I ain't gonna rant too much but would like to start my first post of the year (after 12 days now only I'm writing) with my favorite activity - Lomography. P/S: Images are taken via Diana Mini with Lomography 100 or Kodak 400 film =)

Let's see how I wrapped up the end of 2010. December was full of weddings! Here is the lovely Shahanum, my deskmate during the Convent days. Had the best time of my life with this lady. Now she is an Add Math teacher (OMG - how we hated Add Math those days). Terer badminton dia ni...

Since Anum's wedding was in Teluk Intan, my beloved hometown and her house was near our school, we (Tuty & me) decided to drop by and snap pictures. I have tons of them on my dslr but it's all analog here baby! Here you go - my alma mater SM Convent, Teluk Intan (Form 1-3).

I'd like to say cheers to the most happening wedding - Fara & Taufik!! I had a blast Fara! Loved everything, from the making of hantaran, flower bouquet, becoming a purple zombie (I love my dress!!), to snapping pictures together with everybody. Am truly happy for you. *hugs*

Cantik tak saya (*Perasan!)

I quite my job at the big red O. Miss it tons & love the people but life just has to move on. I am now in a new office far far away. Hehehe... The people here are warm & friendly and I am so pumped up to start work! Let me at em'! Here's to the years to come at this awesome place!!

Christmas? Superb! Had a grand time participating with Lomokids to create a Lomo matrix. Don't know what a lomo matrix is? What happens is a bunch of peeps with their super cool Lomo cameras (a.k.a. Lomographers) huddle into a circle. Then in the middle of that circle is where all the action happens. You can do what ever you want - cartwheels, splits, chokeslams, kicks or just act pretty. At the count of three, us dudes and dudets with cameras in our hands will press the shutter button all at the same time (snap at the same time). In the end, when all the films have been developed (remember all is analog here so it's films all the way), a designated person will compile the images and create a video. Hence,check out the videos.

Lomo Matrix @ Hong Kong from Lomography Asia on Vimeo

So you see, it's practically a 360 degrees view of an action. Super cool!

I will totally upload the finished product for our Lomo Matrix Malaysia as soon as it's done. The event was of support to the Rantai Art Event 2010 held at the National Art Gallery next to Istana Budaya. I also went to the Lomokids talk the day before with my brother Haziq.

He is one of my victims. Once you are exposed to Lomo, there is no turning back. He's got a UWS and I hope that I will get the chance to get him a super cool camera soon. So Haziq, you better be good!

Met new friends - Iza, she's really cool from UIA.

Double exposure.

Great bonding time with little brother. Congrats on finishing your SPM! No more school!

Haziq in action. I was too shy to do something.

Kak Yasmin, Demang's (otai Lomo ni) wifey

Shafiq!! Cute hat! ahahaha...

So you can see, I had a grand Christmas. Apart from all that excitement, I also had the time of my life in Singapore on the last 2 days of the year. Adrenalin rush riding the roller coaster, drenched to the bone - it was raining orang utan and monyets as Amirah would say. Pics later. The internet seems to not be on my side currently.

I hope 2011 will be a great one. Keep my feet on the ground and rock on! Cheers!

2 Responses to Another Year Has Gone By...

  1. nanayau
    Friday, January 14, 2011 2:20:00 PM
    nak!! diba if u wanna go for a lomo session, pls ajak!! i have two lomos, dah laaaaam dah tp dah lama x guna plus malas nak cuci films hehe
  2. MiShi_Ka
    Friday, January 14, 2011 9:27:00 PM
    ehehe...wokeh, next time ek!