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Woke up in the middle of the night feeling so pissed off and hurt. I'm not sure why. Was it a nightmare or dream I just had? My blood was boiling hot alright. After a quick timeout to the bathroom to take my wuduq' and pray, I feel better now. Although I can't sleep, cause I have this problem if I wake up in the middle of the night it's going to be hard to fall back to sleep. So what else to do but watch Glee! Always puts a smile on my face. However much I liked the Valentine's episode, I hate Flyn & Quinn for suddenly hooking up together. Urgh...

Talking about Valentine's Day, NO - I don't celebrate it but I share the darling atmosphere of sharing love between people you care. It's the thought that counts, hence you must know where your faith stands so that you do not do the unwanted. Never the less, sharing the spirit is not an issue. We are after all a multiracial country. *Thumbs up!*

Gosh, I've strayed from my story - I still remember Valentine's Day celebration back in 3rd Grade. Everyone had a valentine box glued to the edge of their desk. We passed around valentine cards or candy and put it into their valentine box. So much fun!! After recess we would open our boxes and check out our stash. The cards there are so pretty and cool. Am wondering why we can't find that level of creativity here. More pressure on me to be more creative I guess. Anyways, I got 2 cards from the same guy. Yeah - guy, as in Nathan (I can't remember his last name, Nathan Scott would be nice right!). He was tall and had chestnut brown hair that glittered when the sun was glaring. I asked him why did he give me 2 cards? He said he wanted too... auw shucks...I thanked him, smiled, turned and I think I sort of blushed. Hahahaha...laugh all you want...Anyways, it felt nice. So this year no card nor call, just the remembrance of the feelings. But I would like to express my love for my analogue passion. had this special contest on who could create great love poems and I really had to share this. Here is goes:

‘My Little F+’

I want saturated colours
I want vignette edges
I want multiple exposures taken through hedges

You have soft edges
A plastic touch
A blueish tint that i have slightly re-touched.

I bought you a coat and a few new ‘eyes’
You repaid me kindly and won me a prize!

Piggies here and Piggies there.
No. word. of. a. lie.
At this rate I would say… I’m going to need a bigger sty!

We make a good team Diana and me
Busting our moves for Lomography.
Sharing our passion through both our eyes
My idea’s
Your charm

Steady, Hold, Click…. Now await the surprise!

By zoezo

I love it! It's just like what my Diana and I are going through. Awesome.

So yeah, let's just spread the love...

I know I'm mostly talking about crap but hey me no can sleep here...

To be continued...

P/S: Special tribute to Prophet Muhammad was done personally too but that is between me and Him *wink*

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