Scribbled on 2/19/2004 11:32:00 PM

dis mornin it said on the radio dat malaysians dont say i love u so often. they made a poll and we got number 41 and the u.s. got number 1. why is it so hard for us to say those 3 words? u know, action speaks louder than words. malaysians show affection more than saying i love u...theres hugging, smiling and even a nod or shaking hands is good enough. those 3 words are too sacred to just say like that. sometimes if u hear it too often u get bored and its goin to be a normal thing. i love u is not something normal...its above normal...its special. special things happen to special people...special words are said to special people. lets all be special. to all my special people out there no matter which continent ur in...i love ya...!! ceeewah..jgn keciwi...(bak kate ilah).

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