Scribbled on 4/22/2004 10:21:00 PM

hi...guess what? tomorrow i'm goin back to kl...bubye sabah...even though stayin at home has been boring at times but its like flying free, spreading ur wings as far as the house's walls are concerned..ehehe...but got some good practice on being a da i made waffles n just now i just took out brownies from da microwave...anyone here for some brownies? yum yum...i'm groin fat. and i have these things on my face that are round in shape...ape mama tempek ni? nasib bukan bedak sejuk...(if not i'll look like someone who just had a baby..urgh!) erm stayin at home has been kinda cool too...i've been pampered in a weird kinda way maybe coz i was da only daughter der at the time. and i love being a nuisance to haziq. alwayz will...i bug him alot...and i mean alot! but he's learned to live with it..i'm the only one who loves to bug him..hey i bug my siblings..all of aa? u tell me..kikiki...erm just now i watched wade robson's project with my dad...uhuh...i dad watchin dis dance contest? ahahah...i didn't know he'd like it...but hey, never underestimate ur parents..or anybody. lets call it 'chillin out with dad'. wat else has happened?..oh yeah..went swimming today. i'm soo bronze now..ahaha..tan? i sure didn't ask for it. so erm wish me luck on my new special semester people. it's gonna take a while to set up da internet up at murni. till we meet again...muahz!

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