Scribbled on 4/16/2004 04:54:00 PM

-Your Shining Star-

when the curtains of night draws across the skies,
my sights searched for the first sight of starlight..
it need not be big, it need not be bright,
for in the day, i can't see it's light,
yet i know it's there shining with all it's might,
so with the sun out of the skies,
i cherish it's efforts with a big warm "hi"
someone will be your moon shining in lonesome nights,
someone will be your sun shining with the brightest cherry light...
but i'd rather be the star, always shining day and night...
your sunshine might not be me, but that's alright,
yout moon might not be me, but it's still so fine...
i'll just be here, 24-7 shining with all my might...

Star Lover

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