Scribbled on 10/22/2004 01:03:00 AM

Have you ever felt so pissed off in your life but you don't know your pissed off because of what? I'm experiencing it now. Have mixed feelings now. Actually I don't know what I'm feeling now. Geram tak? Why is it when I have these feelings I have to call this someone. Because that person can cheer me up? Even when we talk trash....merepek sampai Antartica kot...I love to merepek...on the phone, in person..maybe some people have never seen this side of me but hey I can give people headaches. Its fun. Thats why I guess I call this person each time I have these mixed feelings...Laughter is the best medicine. I wish there's more laughter in my life. I need more jokes...want to do more merepeking...The problem is, you can't just merepek with just anyone. These people who can merepek are just so special coz they're soo rare to find...Come people, merepek la with me...(my brain feels like its in a pressure cooker). I also wanna go see this someone so badly. Cepat la wei...lambat sangat la nak tunggu ko. I think, after I meet this person then maybe I can resolve some of my probs..that person helps alot...please...I am at the edge of the more step and I'll fall...don't catch me...just watch me fall....ARGH!!!

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