Scribbled on 10/19/2004 10:25:00 PM

Being sick is so damn tiring. Yes people, me, Adibah is ever so sick again. I'm down with a slight fever and a cold. Not to mention the cough. I didn't go to class today (hey, there's suppose to be no class during the study week).

Nothing much has happened during these few days. I had murtabak for sahur this morning. Suprisingly I managed to finish it. For the first time I found a murtabak that actually has the taste of chicken or beef. The previous murtabaks I've ever eaten mostly tasted of onions and eggs. I recommend you to go buy this murtabak at the Putrajaya pasar ramadhan. The pasar ramadhan is kinda big and spacious. Not like the usual pasar ramadhan, always bumping into people, stepping on peoples feet, small groups of people chattering away without thinking of the congestion they're causing, etc.

Bulan puasa really brings back the beautiful memories of my so called past. I started fasting for real at the age of 11. Ehehe. I was in the U.S. okey. It was different those days. Anyways I don't remember fasting at all. Ahahaha. Back in Malaysia, nowadays I mean, Mom will always make her famous bubur lambuk. Yum yum. Since my dad is such a big fan of bubur lambuk, he'll pratically ask her (me mom) to cook it everyday. Us, the children will object his wish of bubur lambuk after eating the same thing everyday for the past week. Of course there's the nasi ulam utara style which I love so much. I think thats the 2 must have dishes during the fasting month for my family. Boy how I miss it so damn much. This time I won't be going back to Sabah. So cannot buka puasa awal la. Last year I'd call everybody at 6pm just to say I already buka puasa. Muahahaha. Fasting month also means making as much kueh raya as possible. For me, it'll be kueh tat! Yeeha...we, me and my mom plus atiah and somethimes amirah would sit around at the table. Some rolling the dough, some applying the pineapple jam to the dough and some tasting or just staring. My aunties would pratically order dozens and dozens of keuh tat from us year after year. Another kueh I like to make is this special chocolate chip cookie, a recipe I got from mak ngah. So mouth watering. When you pop one in your mouth its like floating in heaven with wings of a sacred angel...oooh. Well I think I probably stop babbling about bulan puasa although I have tons of other stories to tell. Lets save it for another day. The ubat batuk is working, am drowsy already. Nitey-nite people. Don't forget to niat for tomorrow.

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