Scribbled on 11/02/2004 09:19:00 PM

Applied Statistics was like ****! Yeah I could do the questions but I knew it, I'd get stuck at the probability questions. Urgh..It was raining cats and dogs when we were in the exam hall but the weather was so damn nice when we finished. I practically felt like running around holding my hands up wide and just glide here and there. I used to do that a lot last time. But today, had the best weather I have ever seen since ages. Loved it...thank you God! So in the great weather, we went to the pasar ramadhan as usual...went to buka puasa at Fara's house. She was all alone..don't worry, we're here to save ya..! We had a super blast playing bunga api after eating...hihihi...ntah sape ntah yg takot nak main mercun tuh...*hint2*...ehehe...not me...kuikuikui... Well, I've been kinda *toing2* since after the I'm gonna go chill... Catch you guys in a while..

p/s: To Ilah and Wani next door, buat soalan quiz cleo tu, pk dalam2 ek..huhu

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