Scribbled on 11/04/2004 03:42:00 AM

Brr...its really cold here. The rain just can't stop eh... It was raining cats and dogs when we went out for break fast. Went to perantau again. The food there was kinda ok i guess. Ordered tembikai laici again. I think its my current favourite drink...hehehe...thanks to someone..

Just had my sahor with Ilah and Wani. As usual our sahors would be a blast.. We took pictures... Ilah made this telor dadar which actually looked like a pizza afterward...huhu. Me and Wani took pictures together, celebrating the joice of wearing kain batik(am still not used to it). There were some really cute pictures.

Tonight I think I chatted with everybody. I'm kinda happy that suddenly everybody wants to talk to me at once..had a headache coz the computer screen had to many windows. I just wana say thanks to everyone.. I hope you guys get me by now. Even though I can be kinda tough on the outside, but in the inside I'm not. I may be kinda independent on the outside, but actually I tend to sometimes be dependent. I may be not what you see on the outside. I may act tough but in the inside I'm tender and sensitive as well. I can be different at times. Feelings to me are very discreet. I don't know how to show them. Well, I guess I have to try harder but help me..please.

Very sleepy now. Want to write more but I'm yawning at 180 km/h. C ya!

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