Scribbled on 12/04/2004 10:27:00 PM

Waaa...I think I've turned into a hopeless romantic! Gosh...I think its grown into me. Watchin all types of movies has contaminated my mind. Japanese, Korean, Hindi, English...etc...My mind has been a traitor to myself. Sheesh...Can't help myself...Is it wrong to be one, a hopeless romantic I mean? But i don't like it. So now I'm going to change it back. Talking about change, appearence wise my relatives say I've sorta changed. Maybe coz of the new haircut. But I'm still the same. Arif has been calling me amoi, then suri rumah. Haiya..

Owh by the way, we went to klcc yesterday. Don't ask me about it. How would you feel when you have to babysit 12 kiddies that get on your nerves 24-7 non-stop. Answer me that. Even though it drained out all my energy, but seeing the laughter and smiles of all of them, it all paid off. Today plak, went go-carting. wahahaha...won the race. But got 3rd in the finals...

I have tons of pictures to share...will share asap. Ciao cin cau tambah soya!

p/s: currently watchin this hindi movie. it has the best song ever. dont know what its called. there's a tamil version of it too.

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