Scribbled on 12/02/2004 04:05:00 PM

Hello! I'm back! How's everybody? Hope you're all at the pink of health... Especially after this raya. I think I've gained 50 kilos. I feel so heavy. I'm now at Melaka. Amirah and Haziq have been teaching me how to play Yugioh and Pokemon cards. Susah dowh.

Raye was so damn good...I've got some cool pictures which I'll post later. Melaka was tiring but great. Had to do tons of work. Arif started calling me a house wife. Amirah said I was motherly which really got on my nerves. But everyone was cute...Duit raye was ok I guess..ehehe...Best jadi org kecik ni. I was also quite satisfied when me and Amirah got to do our cheongsam baju raye. I was jumping up and down when Mak Cik handed it to me. Fuh...Perlis was ok too. Dpt bwk perdana itam ayah. Abg E plak bwk calonnye balek. Kikiki...I was quite scared seeing the reaction of my mom and dad toward the girl. Scary.

Then after going back to Melaka and Perlis, we headed for Teluk Intan. I just love the place. I think I'll go back to Teluk Intan to work. So peacful. Went to see all my friends..byk yg dah balek. But got to see Anum. siot. Ble speaking ala2 Pah Bedah..huhu... I also went for to see my hairdresser, Donny for a haircut. Got myself a Loreal Hair Spa too. Best...

There's just a few days till school starts back. Down want to go back... Dad went to London and Mom's going to Australia. And us kids are left to find something good to do, boring...

Maleh nak tulis dah...want to go buff my nails. Haimi...I'm goin to get a copy of Eh soon...Kuangkuangkuang..

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