Scribbled on 11/10/2004 01:02:00 AM

I love staying at kampung. Its the best, with its variety of smells...cow dung, fresh oxygen from the lush greenery situated everywhere and +++...and I think it all blends so well. Especially after a shot of pouring rain. Staying at kampung means a lot to me. First of all, I'll help my grandma a lot. Being her driver(we went to get matresses and a new cupboard that day+went to kedai mahmud which I dread so much to go...segan la ngan abang tuh), help cook( I missed cooking so much...just now made sambal belacan and kurma...wala just like me moms...), help with the household chores( mop, sweep, etc) and hang around with my cousins...huhu...(I'm waiting for this one cousin who's comin back this friday...cepat la wei).

My brother, who is currently in Sabah has been calling 24/7. I think he's bored out of his mind. Yesterday he called and he sang this Simple Plan song-Don't Wanna Think About You on the phone. Damn cute...I'm melting...melting...I didn't know we had another singer in the family...but he was so damn cute...tak tahan...!! Atiah you should have heard him sing! It could make a grown man cry...well anyways...I think I'm gonna record it...ehehe..

Erm...just wanna say SELAMAT HARI RAYA ^ MAAF ZAHIR BATIN... to all my friends...cYa!

Quote of the day -> If you weren't that annoying, I'd say you were charming (sweet!)

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