Scribbled on 1/17/2005 07:02:00 AM

My Satisfaction...Your No. 1 Action

Why is it sometimes, you work so work your butt off but there's still someone who can reach that place before you do? why do they have to get the easy way and you have to take the long route? i mean, i'm not complaining but sometimes its damn tiring to see people overtake you just like that. i know, life is not fair and who said it is? its just that i ask for one tiny push so that i can be as wise and as good as everybody else... people are just pretty but i have to struggle look likable...people are just smart, well i have to kick my ass just to be good... i have such a high benchmark and so heavy responsiblilities...but no worries. i have been handling them since the day my lil sis opened her eyes to the world. i dont wanna complain... i know everything i do is for the better. gosh, i have a severe headache...*ouch* moral of the story...not everyone gets the easy way...sometimes you just have to take an extra corner or two...

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