Scribbled on 4/26/2005 06:10:00 PM

40 Kinds of Sadness and the Most Important....BORING

Today is the most boring day my whole life...BORING...haiya...
I wanna go home...I don't like this Borang A that i have to do....
Feels like my head is gonna blow... im damn hungry... I wanna go back to Sabah
I wanna go back to Melaka...I wanna go back to Teluk Intan.
I'm missing everyone. Yesterday was kinda boring too. What a way to spend your birthday huh?
The fun only started after work eh? Sunday was fun too. Went to sungai gabai at hulu langat.
The sliding, the waterfall, panjat tangga batu feet hurt a bit. dont worry...
will start my jogging next week. Im craving fo pulut kuning yang sampai skang tak dapat lagi. Mama you owe me that pulut kuning. better call me before i go tear down MRSM Taiping. I itche everywhere. I wanna go watch a movie. I want my computer back. Finally i hear someone putting some music on. Linkin park...really soothes my nerves. Damn bored. Lalalalala...Boredom come take me away...take me with the wind...more like a torando.
Will update goin to continue my boredom...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (fades away)

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