Scribbled on 4/27/2005 09:05:00 AM

why do people like to make assumptions that are not true about me. i have been misunderstood since the beginning of time. it really pisses me off. and to be compared with someone i dont like or dont even know...urgh...just a great way to start my morning...good morning to you too.

anyways, i refuse to let the matter get to me this morning. this morning i was listening to hitz and they were talking about lines that guys use that turns off gurls. i remember the line - "hi, i lost my phone number, can i have urs?" oh and theres also "hi, im ... and im gods gift to women". wats up with dat? a few weeks back, me and lili were waiting for shafiq to pick us up at the ilmu bustop, then this guy in a kembara comes up, asks directions to the library and said he had to take a test or something. it was late afternoon and i doubt the library was open coz it was a sunday but the most tah ape2 thing was that he showed his result slip to show the address of the library. bangang. then he asked do u guys need a ride? i can send u... wat da *? and shafiq was already there parked behind da guy. its like ur picking up whores from the street. sheesh. get a grip man. ur disgusting enough to look at, dont let that atitude spoil u more. haiya... goin back to the radio thingy, this guy called up and said that gurls go for humor. really? yeah of course but depends rite? but i like humor... laughter makes u young u know..ehehe..

enough of my babbling. i have to get back to my vb codings. borang A ni is really getting on my nerves. nak siapkan cepat. oh by the way, my prayers have been answered by God, im going back to sabah dis friday. hoye...adios....

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