Scribbled on 8/10/2005 12:01:00 AM

Stress Week

This week, its been like shit so far. Am having problems with my PC. Damn! I feel like jumping off the 10th floor of Murni. Suddenly I feel like I want to drop project 2. Im soooo stressed out! Urgh! Don't get me wrong, I love to work with Photoshop, Flash and MAYA...but this PC is really killing and demotivating me. The surrounding isn't much help too. *^#$%^@#$"!! Am going for a jog tomorrow. Don't care how long. Don't want anyone to bother. Gotta sort things out.

Huargh! Talked to Maizura just now. Me and her have been planning our class gathering. First me and Putri tot we could all go to Putrajaya Wetland. but then I don't know what we'll be doing there. Mandi dengan hippo? Nah... So we decided with klcc..ya ya...balek2 tempat yg sama. but we're gonna do it differently dis time. pot luck...hope it goes well and hope alot turn up. bawak fud tau! we'll be picnicing at klcc park at 2pm this saturday! don't forget...bawak la yg sedap2 skit ek...can't wait to try the and my kiddy self. Im not sure if I can turn up. Will be back to melaka, but mai was sooooo persistent and determine that i come. so terharu... will try my best to come..

Read a blog about this guy who finally found a new gurl after his previous breakup. was glad he did find happiness afterall. the way he writes his words and his really did touch me. hope he has a happy life. u deserve better dude. i'll be watching from far.

how am i to cope with this stress? God help me... I pray for all the guidance I can get... wish me luck...I am walking into the darkest clouds yet, with my eyes closed and my fingers crossed...

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