Scribbled on 4/09/2006 06:44:00 PM

The Day of Masks

She invited her friends over. It was fun. 5 of us hanging out. Her aunt talking, teaching. They had funny colored faces on. Some white, some yellow, and some green. Mud, sea salt, name it. Patting, smoldering, pampering. Thanks to her aunt for being graciously generous to come all the way from Melaka for this. She will remember till the end. Her aunt, means everything to her. Inspiring and a perfect idol. What more to say. Her many thanks to all her friends who participated on this glorious day, not forgetting her beautiful aunt. You've opened their minds towards the bigger picture.

p/s: Couldn't understand my words? We had a facial today. Anyone interested can contact me for a session. Free!

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