Scribbled on 12/30/2006 11:38:00 PM

Death, to Mourn or to Celebrate

This morning, I was shocked to switch on the television envisioning the execution of Saddam Hussein and in the final moment of defiance, he refused a hood to cover his eyes. What will we get from his death people? Peace? This issue lingered through my head the whole day. Somehow I shed a few tears while I watched the video of his execution. A question has come to me - do we or should we celebrate death, his death specifically. Are we satisfied? Can his death re-live the people that have died. Even with his evil regime, can we not spare a piece of mercy for him. What good would it make? The Arabs should not be celebrating. They should be re-strategizing. Can't they see that they have fallen under Bush's evil spell. I was mad seeing all the people celebrating on the streets of Saddam's death. But then I wanted to laugh of how 'jahil' these people have become. Are we back to square one people? Have we forgotten what our beloved Prophet has taught us? Am I pro-Saddam, you may ask? The answer is no, for I have never experienced living under his command. If so, can't I share some of my thoughts and grief with the world? Death is not to be celebrated. Even in the movie Eragon it states so. I am truly sorry for those who have lost loved ones under Saddam's regime, but I am truly devastated with the reaction of the people. So much hatred, so much evil. All of this is happening on a prestigious day, Eid Al-Adha. Oh, no more can I take. Only one thing left for me to say - there is no victory in Saddam's execution.

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