Scribbled on 1/17/2007 08:37:00 AM

Where Have You Been?? Part 1

Well, well, well. I have already started a new phase in my life which is working. Where at? Patimas. I know, some friends even asked me if its a factory making ma'jun or traditional medicine. Nope. It's an IT company la. It has 12 subsidiaries and I'm working in one of them which is SSD Technology. I guess IT people should know it. Patimas is at Technology Park, Bukit Jalil. It's really cool here. Cool as in two meanings - cool like ice and also cool like great! There are only 3 people here who are Malays but I rather like it. Work goes smoothly and everything is in tip-top condition.

2007 has been going by very fast. The first week of January I was rushing to rent out a house. Found a good one at Bandar Sri Permaisuri. It's near the lrt station and I stay on the 15th floor. Wahaha..penthouse. Nah. Come and visit me people! I started work on the second week of January. Boy was it such a rush. My first week of work went by so fast, and now it's my second week already! Wow. I'm a channel executive. It's hard for me to explain but I went for a training at Oracle on my second day of work. Superb! Soon will be Symantec training and more Oracle training, oh and HP too. I guess Patimas is a good start for me.

Last weekend, I went back to Melaka. My grandma wasn't that well and I feel bad since now I have to move to KL and that'l leave her all alone again. I went back to Melaka early in the morning of Saturday, headed to Klebang on Sunday for the 642 Training. I met tones of people from all around the globe. It was so inspiring. I also hanged out with Siang Joo who told everybody she knew there about my background. I was blushing all the way. Actually no one has done it before. People around me just know I'm a simple person. Siang Joo also said that I was blessed. Blessed to be in a good family, with well doing parents and siblings. She said I had great power in me. On my way back, my head was drilling with questions and wonders. I guess it is true, what Siang Joo said. I should be proud of myself and my family. But still I won't just go around bragging about the family. I'm grateful that my mom and dad have brought me up the way I am now.

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