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Yes, yes, yes... I did go to the Rain Concert at Bukit Jalil!! It was superb. Rain really knows how to put on a great show. He is such a great performer and there was not a single dull moment!! Saturday morning, I woke up extra early so that I could do some homework. I had to brush up on some of the songs, old and new. 9 o'clock, headed to Crown Princess Hotel for the Pharmanex Training. Wang Peng Yue came down from Singapore for the training. Finished at 6, met up with Amirah and we straight away headed to Bukit Jalil. It was soooo exciting (reminds me of the way Rain says I'm so excited, hahaha). Rain had a good command of English too. Amirah told me that Koreans speak American English and that really is so cool since it is so hard to find people who speak in American English here. So Rain had an American accent! Damn! For those who want to see his pictures, hook up on my friendster ok. It'll be there by tomorrow. I am still in the mood of Rain... Moshisoyo!! The concert was at the indoor stadium, it started at 9, there were dozens of Koreans around us. Oh, there was even Rafidah from 3R and Lina Tan. We practically rocked together. Wow! This is so explain how the concert was. My mind is running a 100 miles per hour but my hands are moving too slow. By the time I am to write a phrase, I totally loose it, it's erased from my mind. Grrrr... Ok. To make things short and easy, do visit my friendster page for all the pictures. If you want more juicy details, just holla atcha gurl!! I am still psyched about this. Rain mode is still on. Gosh...Me and Amirah, we're addicted to Rain already. I definitely have to go for the Korea Insentive Trip this end of the year so that I can visit Amirah or go to a concert or two. Muahahahaha... Save up your money people. The RM402 I spent for the tickets were worth it! Sarangheyo RAIN!!! Dongba Saranghe!!

p/s: Do you know why Rain/Bi is called Rain? Its because each time JYP writes a song for him, it rains! So JYP was the one who named him! Cool huh??

Today there will be a talent search under JYP Entertainment at South City Plaza. I don't know why they picked that venue, but's worth giving a shot if you're good. Aja2 Fighting!!

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