Scribbled on 2/08/2007 01:51:00 PM

Busy, Busy, Busy... That's what you've been hearing from me these past few weeks right? Yeah, well that's how it goes if you're working. I have tons of info to share yet I don't have the sufficient time to jot it down here. My brain works a million miles per hour while my dainty little fingers work only 80 miles per hour their time. *Smile*

It's been hell of a ride these few weeks. All in all, I loved every part of it. Guess what? I'm now in Sabah!! Yeah, I'm back even if it's a short holiday. I bought my tickets last year. I've planned it all out. My dad is not around unfortunately. He went to Dubai Saturday morning. So it's just me, sis, bro and mom. We went to an open house at Grace Garden yesterday.It was cool. I could really feel the vibe going on. I really felt Malaysian at the moment. I even got angpow from the host, Mr Teo. Thanks!! After fulling our stomaches, we headed out to town which was kind of dead. Chinese New Year ma... Did some shopping. Haziq finally got his flat cap from Quicksilver. Today, we're going to Wisma Merdeka and maybe go to Jamilah's to get some stuff for me to make more bracelets. Oh, I'd like to say thanks to Mr Wonderful for getting me those lovely pliers. Now I can open up my artistic side and share it with the world. Hahaha...

This entry is basically about what I've been up to. Nothing much and it's quite boring. I have tons of things to do next. I need to get a washing machine for the house this month. Me and Naz have to put up the curtains, choose our rooms, get the house more organized and I definitely need to get a plant for the house. It needs something to make it more cozy and homely. I need some furniture too. I need to study too. Waaaa...Slowly babes, slowly. I hope to have a house warming party or something soon. imagination. You're a soul surviver girl, you'll get through all the hardship now. and mom, we're currently watching the NBA allstar games 2007. It's so cool to see all those slam dunks. I've never been to a basketball game before. I've been to a baseball game - it was great, I had licorice sticks all through the game. I've been to an American football game too - I had frostbite since it was really cold, me and Atiah didn't really understand the game (we only knew touchdowns and cute quartebacks, did we?). This morning I watched One Tree Hill Season 1 and I really love Nathan and Hailey's story. Not so jiwang and kinda nice. I could go on talking about them but I'd rather not. So I think I'm gonna stop blabbering and watch Kobe and Wade make more shots. Go West!!

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