Scribbled on 12/20/2006 04:43:00 PM

The OC Malaysia - Sutera Harbour, Sabah. I'm livin it!!!

Oo gosh... It has been FOREVA since I've updated this blog. Thank God its still running. Wow, so many updates. Where do I start? Fuhh...I've got a super duper long list that I'll make short. Here goes...
  1. Finished my degree by early May and stayed with my grandma in Melaka since.
  2. Graduated on the 2nd of September recently. It was fun! My grandma came with my aunty and cousins. Of course my family was there, even Atiah! Thanks you guys!
  3. Raya was awesome! Got to drive my cousin's new satria neo all around Melaka.
  4. Well, last Saturday I got recognized for the business I've been involved in. It was held at Crown Princess Hotel KL. It was superb! And at the same night I flew back to Sabah...almost missed the flight again! Hahaha...
  5. So now here I am in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Everyday chillin in front of the tv eating scones and cherries dad brought back from London. Today we went to watch Eragon, me, sis and bro. I love that movie! I am a crazy dragon freak and have read the book way before hand. Paolini is the best. Ed Speleers is hot! So is Saphira!! Go watch it ok! =)

Well, I'll keep you posted. My dad just hooked us up with streamyx and it is the best! No more slow-pokes. I'll be online on and off so just leave me a message if I'm not around. Ok then... Keep your swords sharp!

Yours Truely -> lil-miz-me!!

p/s: Oh yeah..we are going to Nexus Karambunai Resort tomorrow! More fun! I also got a job at Patimas (Technology Park, Bukit Jalil). Wish me luck!

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