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BaCk DaTeD EnTrY

Happy New Year! Wow what a start to a new year - Health Minister resigned from his designated position, ... and I'm stuck here sick. Sheesh...Thanks so much dearest friends for your support and love. I am now back in action even though I have a few glitches here and there. I still have a slight pain in my left arm.

I used this to treat my rashes and it works superbly! It has aloe vera and is very good to treat wounds too. Since the rashes are a bit itchy, I used the 'Enhancer' to sooth my itchyness. Boy did it work. For those who have kids down with chicken pox, I strongly recommend this clear lotion. I also apply the 'Enhancer' before I use a mask on my face. Feels real good and fresh. You can practically go to sleep with the mask on cause it is so gentle and soothing. I didn't use any chemicals on my left hand. I only applied enhancer with a mixture of TeGreen so that there will be less pigmentation - as you know that TeGreen is good for your pigmentation (that's why the Koreans and Japanese have beautiful complexion - they drink a lot of green tea). So make sure you find a good quality TeGreen and don't be such a cheapskate! Contact me if you need any recommendations.

Well then...I hope that everyone had a great year (2007)... There were a gazillion things that happened last year right? All I wish is for everyone to have the best in 2008. As for me, I've put a few pointers to be achieved this year. Well, even though I started 2008 in a condition that is so unbearable but with this test that God has given me, I am a stronger and better person. So with that, I would love to be more active in blogging and if possible making this blog a knowledge blog - sharing whatever information that is necessary for people of my age these days. Hey, it's not always about fashion. Give it up people. We need to be more alert of the happenings of the world. What happened to those victims of the Islamabad earthquake in 2005? Did you know that the Jews are building a wall around Bethlehem and our fellow Muslim friends have to line up like cattle waiting to be slaughtered just to clear checkpoints to go to work outside the wall? What about the innocents ...

Hey, why not we look at our own country. Gosh we are so blessed. But among those who are blessed, there are still living in poverty, corruption and living the life of people who they aren't. Being sick and staying at home, I had tons of free time to think and observe. I Thank you God for all the blessings you have given me, for letting me experience the love from family and friends no matter how far they are. Thank you for giving me all that I have now.

P/S: I only got to post this now due to being sick since January (recurrent of chicken pox but only on my left hand, nerves attacked and it hurts big time!)...I'm still on medication but will be better soon, I promise!! Pray for me...

I miss these gurls...esp the one in the BAPE sweater (jealousnye...)

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