Scribbled on 2/13/2008 04:42:00 PM


  1. Nike sweater

  2. Bape sweater - 50,000 won from Korea

  3. Nike shirt

  4. Nike shoes - if they've got my size..hmm..maybe vintage, you never know...(I betcha y'all wondering why the hell am I wanting Nike since I don't support it...well now I've turned a new leaf and changed I guess...psst...influence of Big you guys!)

  5. Adidas Missy E bag

  6. A great new handbag...maybe it's time to get meself some Coach since my business card case is also Coach...

  7. Art stuff for my scrapbooking

  8. Beads and pearls for my jewellery making

  9. Levi's!! Really need them...Yakin, when are we going?? You promised...

Ntah bila la nak dah beli dah half top from MNG...*heart*heart*

Hey! Guess what? TV8 is gonna show Coffee Prince after Yuhee the Witch is done! You guys better watch it cause it's damn good! I love Soulja & Soulja apuchi - ajushi!! Dah cop awal2 dah...I'm sure you will looooove Coffee Prince and would want to go to the cafe once you've seen the drama...Been there! Done that! I'm lovin it! This is a pic of me and my sis Amirah ngan anak tauke kedai Coffee Prince...Sape nak gi Korea?? Jom!!!

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