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Gosh...It's been a hell of a week...Actually starting from last week. I've been feeling a whole load of pressure, so much that on Wednesday I had this major headache I almost couldn't drive back home. Thanks to Mr. Difnal which came in handy in my handbag - the best painkiller ever (works within half an hour after consumption, for real!).

Last Friday I was supposed to present to my team member and also to a HCM (human capital management) expert from India via web & conference call. It was then postponed to Tuesday. Friday was a really stressful day. I guess presenting to an expert really hit me hard. I don't think I was really prepared therefore my guts gave in. Confidence went boom, down the drain. I'm relieved to know I didn't have to present on Friday.

So Tuesday came. I booked a meeting room so I could take the call privately and was ready an hour before the appointed time. I wasn't as nervous as I was on the previous Friday. Everything went well once I had the hang of it. Then it came to me. The system is sooo cool! Suddenly I'm so into it. And I then decided that this would be a great career path since there is no one here in Malaysia who is an expert on PeopleSoft HRMS. Why not I, me become the expert! Wouldn't that be cool! I'd get to travel the Asia region, wow! My next goal and target I guess. So people, if you see me slacking maybe I could use a kick in the butt to remind me. Hehehe...but don't push your luck too hard okey...

Afterwards, I got a thumbs up from both my managers and the HCM expert (I couldn't get what he was saying throughout the call because of his pure Indian accent). Great job! Great presentation! Very informative! I am so keen to do triple better than before.

I was sitting at my desk going through my mail and saw that Oracle and MIMOS had signed the MoU (memorandum of understanding) and we had great press exposure, and boy do I mean what I said. Check out today's The Star paper if you don't believe me. This was my pet project since last year. I had great fun going to MIMOS and working with their Grid Team. They had really cool sensors and I am at awe on how both parties are working together. I love the technology! Even now that I'm not in that team anymore (cause I've moved to sales consulting) I still feel that I am part of it somehow. I'm so proud of it's progress!

Getting back to the story, I emailed by previous manager - head of this project to congratulate her (yup, it's a her - Girl Power!) and she replied, I quote "Congrats to you too. I'm sure you'll do well in anything that you do." That short but sweet sentence hit me to the core! Glitters of water were automatically there in my eyes. My Australian manager said something of the same meaning to me a few months back. The email really made my day (even though I felt a bit stressed that day due to some separate entities).

Even the weekends were stressful...sheesh..Get a life Adibah! Anyways, here's what I did last Sunday. My latest art project. It needs a picture and also some embellishments. I'm going to frame it and give it as a present to my Doctor Aunty who has helped tremendously in life and is my idol and lifesaver.

I have a few art projects coming up too.

- scrap booking

- bracelet making

I have all the equipment needed and I think I'll start making some bracelets this weekend. Maybe I'll make one as a birthday present for my friend. Hmmm...great idea. I stopped making crafts a few years back. I don't know why. I always didn't have the mood, maybe it reminded me of something. But my head was spinning with ideas and visualizations of how the outcome of an art project would be. So, wish me luck.

By the way, I did have fun watching Man Utd play against Newcastle (5-1) and also going to the Backstreet Boys concert last night (will upload pics soon).
I wonder how my weekend is going to turn out...

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