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Crazy Kyare

2 out of the gazillion crazy people I know...Love them to bits...

Hindi craze now...It's just one of those seasons I guess...

Yeh kya hua,tere mere pyar ki batein

Kyun duniya ki nazaro mein aa gayi

Tere mere pyar ki batein

Kyun duniya ki nazaro mein aa gayi hai.

It started with last weekend...I finally got a chance to watch my long time awaited hindi movie - JODHAA AKBAR!! It's the best movie ever! It's not the usual sappy hindi love story where you can anticipate what is actually going to happen next. I've waited for this movie since 31st December 2007 and it was out recently on the 15th of Feb 2008. What a long and tiring wait. But ot was really worth it. Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan are such a great couple! I wish they'd marry each other. You can definitely see the chemistry. No words of mine can explain how it is I feel about this movie. It's simply superb! It has elements from Troy too. Hehehe...It is totally my genre of movie. Historical, love and war.

Jodhaa-Akbar is a plain and simple love story between a man named Akbar and a girl named Jodhaa who tried to come close together despite the sundry barriers of religion and culture. It's about Hrithik and Aishwarya trying to find romance in an archetypal arranged marriage that was solemnised for everything but love.

My favourite scene would definitely be when Jodhaa stares out lustily -- from behind the curtains -- at her bare-bodied, abs-o-lutely oomphy husband practising the sword on the terrace. The film talks about a love that transcends all barriers -- gender, religion, culture -- and dreams of an India where secularism and tolerance are the twin towers that should never ever crumble. And Akbar and Jodhaa are the alluring exponents of this dream. Beyond that, the film has nothing much to boast of, except a few interesting song and dance set pieces where dervishes whirl, drums roll and doves fly.

The battle sequences do need some touching up but what carries the film through is the performances and bits of the music (AR Rahman). Both Aishwarya and Hrithik complement each other once again after ending up as one of the most sizzling couples of contemporary cinema in Dhoom 2.

(edited from The Times of India)

Anyways, both Hrithik and Ash were damn hot in this movie! It's great to know Jodhaa Akbar has hit box office in major parts of the world esp. USA! Hail to the emperor of Mughal and the empress!!

Well, being surrounded by Indians also make me want to express my hindi feelings. My team here @ Oracle are from India, my good friend is doing her masters in India (and she stopped chatting with me today just because she had to go watch some hot cuteys play basketball - Ayu, I want to go too!! I am super jealous of you!!). Anyways, I think Indian people are very knowledgable and because of that I have the urge to work harder to prove to my team that I am at par with them. I'd love to make new friends from India especially one involved in the IT industry and loves hindi movies...holla atcha gurl!!

Hahaha....sorry guys, too much of hindi for you to handle? That was just a sneak peak ok. Don't get me started on the late night dancing and the banghra...ehehehehe...

Tomorrow is the election day! OMG! I feel excited about it but too bad, I didn't register so I'm left with a choice to go to a wedding later on in the afternoon while everyone else votes in the morning. So Ina, tunggu kedatanganku!

Gosh I've got tons to share but I guess it'll have to wait. Will catch up on you later!

P/S: I actually watched the movie twice - Saturday & Sunday! Hihihi

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  1. The Bride-to-be
    Friday, March 14, 2008 5:37:00 AM
    owh dear.. why didn't u register? i register lama giler dah.. n i did vote for the first time hari tu! hehehe.. it was quite funny tho! i think they should amend the kertas undi tu.. because why? no indication or reminder of what to do.. sib baik undi i OK, tak rosak.. 'coz i almost forgot what to do or to scribble on the small piece of paper.. sib baik i "pangkah" btol2.. hohoho! next time, they shud have the "example or cara2 memangkah undi yg betul".. just as a reminder to ppl.. kan? heh.. anyhow, gi register cepat.. lg 4-5 years leh undi! oh my! i hope it's 5 yrs from now.. tak larat la undi slalu.. :P :P

    take care babe!! ;)