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Art is Pretentious

Am I being the lazy bum that I don't want to be? OMG! Help!

Not only my butt feels so heavy but my fingers...God help me...I don't know why it's so hard to get them to type faster[excuses, excuses Adibah]. Btw what does my butt has anything to do with my fingers?? *Wondering*...I need a boost to get me going again...I need to get my motivation going. *sigh*

What has happened all this while? I'm practically fine, healthy and clean from drugs and alchohol. July is an exciting month for me. As usual - weddings...went to quite a few this food again, yippy! Here are some pics of the beautiful brides...

First would be Halimah's wedding...

You were superb babe! Cute! Congratulations on getting what you want. Hidzad told me it was your lifelong dream to get married and stay at home. Congrats on achieving your dreams.

Next would be the one and only Ms JT or whom I call - Munira...

Please stop calling me Kakbah ok! We are of the same age! Met some Taiping friends there too...after 8 years...jeng jeng jeng...presenting Ms Fara the cutey

and the pretty Ms - eh...oops...Pn another wedding invitation too...congrats to Syidah who just got married on the 2nd of August!

We (me, sis and dad) went to the wedding. Munira's dad is my dad's lifelong friend. They knew each other since way back the days where Uncle Dud dunked my dad in a tank of cow shit (Kolej Pertanian orientation, thank God they don't do that anymore). Also was present was my Uncle (Paklong) or more known to them as Denker (I don't know if I got that spelled right Paklong...ampun) and also Uncle Ramoolo (what's with the weird nickname guys??). As usual, we (sis and I) got ditched by dad. I'm so thankful that Maklong was we hanged out with her and Makcik Yati (Maklong's lil sis).

Then would be Sabirin's wedding! Woohoo! Add hock decision. Thanks to Tom & Haida for informing me about it...Thanks to Raja also for joining us even though we told you at last minute. Birin is one of my classmate(513) back at MRSM Taiping. We had only 8 guys in the class. Looks like Jazmie, Birin and Hafizal are married now. Counting the days for Salleh who is engaged to Ernie(514) to get married. 4 more guys to go right? What about the girls? Hmmm...I have yet to get the pictures from En Tom...

The latest wedding that I've been too...aha! Knits!!
Congrats babe! You're a Mrs bazaar is that? Sorry couldn't make it to your wedding at Shah Alam. Your were super beautiful! Psst...check out my new coach Hampton's collection I got from Hong Kong. Ain't it sick!! I love purple!

So, I went to Knit's wedding a day after I came back from Hong Kong...I'm going to update about Hong Kong soon... Here's a snippet of some crazy stuff we did in Hong Kong...

4 Crazy Peeps @ Victoria Peak

An image of Hong Kong from a higher altitude

Hang on there!

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