Scribbled on 8/26/2010 03:39:00 PM

Fat Cat Alert!!

Today I'd like introduce you to a special meow. He's quite famous now, I say.

OMG, isn't he the cutest! I bet hugging him would feel like hugging a pillow. I love his markings too. Everyday I check out Maru at his blog. He has published 2 books already. To all those cat lovers out there, enjoy the pics! Start doing a photography of your kitten from small, you never know maybe you'll get to publish 2 books too!

Maru loves boxes...grrr cats' bellies are the they smell good too...

His favourite lounging area when it's hot

Playing with the bubble wrap

Told ya he likes boxes!

He reminds me of what Agnes in Despicable Me said - It's so fluffy! Only I want to say - He's so fat and cute!! Gerrrrram!!

Catch Maru in his cool videos too!

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