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Wear an Insect for a Day

Most people scream and run when they see these small critters - either jump on the bed or get out of the room. Those who are brave enough may even extend their hand to spray the little bugger with Shieldtox. Why would you want to feel all squeamish about them? Just because they have a three-part body (head, thorax, and abdomen) or have 6 legs? Have you ever thought that those little buggers are as much afraid of you than you are afraid of them? I'm talking about my dad's favourite subject here - INSECTS. Growing up as an Entomologists' daughter, I am used to having so many creepy crawlers running around the house. Wait till you see my dad's insect collection. Those who are appreciative would definitely go ooh or aah...on the other hand those who don't may scream your heads off. I have grown a lot of love for these small critters. I'd say my favourite bug would be either the walking stick, hissing cockroach or butterflies (yeah who wouldn't love butterflies, they have the coolest metamorphosis). I also love the rhinoceroses beetle. Which comes to the actual point of my entry today. I found this wonderful insect jewelry made by the famous Jude Aldridge a. I am sooooo digging it! They have the rhino beetle as a necklace! I love the details too! Check them out!

There are also belts available. Get your beetle here.

I also found some other insect jewelry at Jude's famous daughter Jane Aldridge's blog. She's a fashionista whom recently designed vintage shoes for Urban Outfitters. She's only 17. Lucky her. I love the details on the pendant! Imagine saying to people I caught the roach and wanted to honor it so I made it into a pendant. Hehehe...This roach pendant was designed by talented Benjamin Hubert at Tetanus Jewelry.

Nak satu!!

Footnote: Entomologists are scientists who study insects. Cool right!

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