Scribbled on 6/11/2005 10:02:00 AM

Me Yaha Hu Dekhto Zara

its been a while since i could really surf the net. ambik, hari tu free sangat. ni bz sangat.

first and foremost i would like to express my condolences to my friend from maresmart Ami Nadia for the lost of her beloved father. somehow her lost has touched many. Al-Fatihah for her father. hope you hang on there gurl. maybe we can meet up soon. lee. jom la gath. aku tunggu ko ni.

hmm...been damn bz. with the move and all, i dont really have time to surf or leasure about. i wanna go back to mlaka. everyone is there....waaaa...pak njang and mak ngah and mak cik. i donno if mak lang went back or not. waaa....they called to ask me to come back. love u guys so much. ingat gak kat adibah ni. huhu. in terrible miss now =(

would like to express my gratitude to encek monyet who help me with my comp. bengong. i took out the ram tanak...die buat nak plak...cess...

hmmm... bought a cinderella like skirt. yup its purple. wahahaha...after this i can go twirl around with khadijah again. yeye. (mng nye white skirt was really nice...damn nice...RM315....sape nak sponser??? muahaha...)

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